This year was a very interesting year for Vamos Somewhere. Here is a summary of the year in 12 learnt travel lessons. For sure they are a good invitation to apply them in this upcoming year.

12 travel lessons we’ve learned and we invite you to practice next year

In January, we began living what was going to be THE experience of our lives, embarking on a 26-meter-long sailboat with 11 crew members of different nationalities. It was not THE experience of our lives, but it was certainly a great and new one. On the boat, we needed to wait for the good wind to blow, for the good watercourses to come, for the rain to go away. Undoubtedly the lesson of this month was:

1. Learn to wait.

In February we arrived in the United States again, with plans for traveling to Hawaii, and things changed from one day to the other. Life sometimes, has better plans for you, although you don’t understand it. This month’s lesson was:

2. Learn to flow with the changes.

In March we started with a new opportunity contributing from our skills to a very interesting project that Vamos Somewhere was linked to. It was certainly a challenge to learn and develop new skills the project needed from us. The lesson in this month was:

3. Whatever you do, do it well.

travel couple in business mode

In April, spring gave us the opportunity to travel to Chicago to improve one of the areas that we like the most and that is part of our essence to be better citizens: the social responsibility. The lesson here was:

4. Do what you love, the rest will come along.

travel couple dance tango

In May, we decided to start Tango classes, a dream that we had postponed from the moment we went together to Buenos Aires back in 2008. Tango thought us something very special: you have to hold the balance from the center, from within your core and move with the intention for the body to follow. The lesson?

5. Life is a dance, learn to move with the intention to catch up with life’s rhythm.

In June, we redefined the course of Vamossomewhere. Two new projects were born in which we are working currently and from which you will hear in 2018. We learned that Jack of all trades, master of none. The lesson of June was:

6. Take only what you can handle.

In July we said goodbye again to our furry friends, siblings, new friends, grandmother, aunts, and uncles. This month’s lesson was:

7. All those goodbyes are the downside of travel.

cuba vamossomewhere couple

In August, we arrived in Cuba. We wanted to see Cuba before the Mc Donald’s and the KFC invaded it. Definitely, the strongest lesson of all was knowing that the revolution did not change what should be changed. Instead, in my opinion, Cuba represents the same inequality of the world (even if everyone studies and eats there). The lesson was:

8. Political idealisms are just that: ideals.

In September, we visited Mexico beautiful and dear (from a Mexican song Mexico Lindo y querido), we delighted ourselves following the Mayans trails, swimming in cenotes, and with the culinary delights of this beautiful country. The lesson we learned was: although lately there are presidents with blond hair and fascist airs taking over the thrones, we must all shout in unison: VIVA MEXICO CABRONES !!!

9. We must knock down borders, not raise new ones.

In October we swam with manatees, sea turtles and nurse sharks in Belize. We climbed a volcano almost 4,000 meters above sea level in Guatemala. In this month we learned that, despite being afraid to sail on the high seas, for throwing ourselves into the water to explore unknown worlds, for not having the physical condition to face a challenge like the volcano one, the final experience turned out to be absolutely incredible. The lesson?

10. Fear is an invitation.

acatenango vamossomewhere couple

In November we arrived in Honduras to explore the sea, but with so much rain we ended up doing sound therapy in a spectacular yoga center on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. We planned to cross Nicaragua and Costa Rica to get to Panama by land and surprisingly, Nicaragua asked us for a visa (WTH?) And this changed all our plans. Suddenly we ended up in El Salvador. What did we learn? By every physical border, we cross, we are crossing a mental one.

11. Learn to unleash the borders of any kind.

In December we arrived in Colombia, visiting Boyacá an area full of natural, cultural, historical, paleontological richness, full of aroma and color. Just after arriving we received a new that we had been waiting for a couple of years and that fulfill our hearts with joy: VamosSomewhere is moving to Montreal! The lesson of this month has been: if you fight with perseverance to get what you desire, you’ll get it.

12. Believe in the power of your dreams and above all, dare to dream big.

cuban art crafts musicians

This was our 2017. May the music and the joy of life be with you! We hope that 2018 will arrive loaded with good surprises, more magic, more adventures and countries to explore in order to provide you with more valuable information so that you can also travel to new places. Thank you for traveling with us through our words.

And you, what did you learn in 2017?

Tell us in the comments.

Happy closing of 2017 . We hope 2018 comes to you full of love, abundance, tenderness, great joy and many pleasure trips!

The world is like a book and those who do not travel only read one page.