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Hey! It’s awesome to have you here. What will you read about in this blog? About our impressions everywhere we go, about the lessons every place, every person, every park has to offer to us to remind us the deep connection with the universe. We also write about tools and resources to be able to travel more and finally about ways to have a sustainable nomadic life.

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  • Alaska the last frontier

    Alaska: what you are going to feel in the last frontier

    Wandering in the last frontier The single word "Alaska" refers us to the adventure, to an imaginary universe of polar bears, Eskimos and Northern Lights. Without a doubt, Alaska, the last frontier, is way more than all you can imagine and will leave [...]

  • vamossomewhere sobre nosotros

    Live to travel or travel to live

    Between passion and adventure Live to travel or travel to live? When we made our first trip to South America in 2008, we discovered that for traveling you don't really need to have tons of money. Obviously, you need money to take off, but for what [...]

  • on the top of volcano travel couple

    12 learnt travel lessons from Vamossomewhere in 2017

    This year was a very interesting year for Vamos Somewhere. Here is a summary of the year in 12 learnt travel lessons. For sure they are a good invitation to apply them in this upcoming year. 12 travel lessons we've learned and we [...]

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