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Our favorite search engine to buy tickets

Kiwi.com is definitely our favorite flight search engine. We can say that 98% of the time, it has the best prices, even on the same flights or airlines that offer other search engines.

We love it because it combines low budget airlines with a search engine that gives you countless options to find just what you need. We invite you to read the post on the right 5 awesome tips to buy cheap flight tickets with the most relevant info to make the most out of this great tool. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW

awesome tips to buy cheap flights and save money

BudgetAir is definitely our second favorite one. When we need FIRST CLASS or BUSINESS CLASS TICKETS Kiwi.com does not provide them, since for Kiwi.com it is all about finding the cheapest flight ticket, that is why BUDGET AIR is our second best choice.

Pros: Budget air will also allow you yo find very good deals.
Cons: It will only provide the prices in Euros which is not so convenient, but for sure, when it find us the best deal, that doesn’t matter too much, right?

vamossomewhere skyscanner

Skyscanner is the father of low-cost airlines. It is the search engine that started the online ticket shopping revolution and, even today with hundreds of more options, still has good offers. Skyscanner compares more than 1,000 airlines in just seconds to give you the best deals sorted by price. It also gives you car and hotel rental options, but, this is just our third option after Kiwi.com and Budget Air. Search and buy your tickets here.

Hotels, B&Bs and Free Accommodation

Where to stay

Choose the option that better fits you

vamossomewhere booking


Booking.com is the search engine for hotels everybody knows. They have an excellent customer service, to assist you with your reservations, very user-friendly. You find options for your stay in hotels, hostels, resorts, and now, even homes (Airbnb style) everywhere in the world! that rocks!


Airbnb is a worldwide community of local people renting rooms in their homes. It has been very special sharing with local hosts; one feels at home. You have a warm room, kitchen, friendly and open people to share cultural exchange. Using Airbnb you dynamize the local microeconomics. You can create your free account here.

vamossomewhere airbnb
vamossomewhere hostel world

More than 180 HOSTELS Worldwide

HostelWorld is the biggest hostel finder online. Forget about stinky and places without style. Today, Hostels are a trending topic for travelers that are looking up for saving some money but also that are willing to meet travelers from every corner of the world.  Hostels are the perfect place for sharing cultural backgrounds and meet people while traveling. In Hostel World you will find the best one for you.

Free Accommodation

Stay with locals for FREE for cultural exchange

This is a community of people based on the trust, who offer a free space in their homes (sofa, bed or room) in exchange for a cultural exchange with you. What do you have to do? While staying with a couchsurfer, share your time and experiences with them! The best: it’s FREE and you will make lots of friends everywhere! The true travel spirit!

couchsurfing vamossomewhere

Volunteer your time for FREE accommodation

Workaway is a community that gives you the opportunity to travel the world while exchanging your skills and love for accommodation and sometimes food in projects, farms, hostels, eco-villages and self-sustaining communities. This is solidarity economy logic: win-win. You will travel leaving a mark.

Travel Insurance

This is a debate question, especially in countries where traveling is more expensive than in others because we usually consider this “an expense”. Maybe you’re used to being a backpacker and traveling with the confidence that everything will turn out well. The point is definitely a travel insurance is the one that makes the difference in case you decide to do all the things you wrote on your to-do list before you die.

IATI is the option we chose and we recommend. They have coverage for any type of trip, you are backpacker tourist of short trips, that you do adventure sports. It has 24/7 assistance and is perfect for you to be covered but also taking care of your budget compared to others is cheaper and has excellent coverage worldwide, for lost or damaged luggage and other expenses. Buy your travel insurance with us and get 5% discount!

vamossomewhere iati seguro de viaje

Travel Accessories and Equipment

GoPro Hero 5
Waterproof Camera

DSLR Camera
Canon 60D

Dron DJI
Mavic Pro

Iphone 6

Books and Travel Guides we recommend

There is no doubt that when we travel we need timely and detailed information. As we travel the world and write ours, these are the guides that we always refer to. 

vamossomewhere lonely planet

In addition to being the most complete guide for travelers, including your “traveler bible” offers you the possibility of having detailed information about any country you want to travel to. If you do not want to carry the weight of the books. also offer the PDF version. Try it out.

vamossomewhere trip advisor

It is the oldest travel site and the truth is that it is very comfortable to find the feedback of users of what you can think of when traveling. It is undoubtedly an excellent reference to organize your trips and find excellent rates as well. Reservation.

All of our travel gear and equipment, including the electronic gear we buy it on Amazon, a giant online store, very secure and easy to use. 

When you click on any of the items listed in *Travel Accessories & Equipment you will be redirected to Amazon.com in your country for you to buy it there.

If you are buying from Latin America, Amazon.com in the United States offer better deals than other Amazon stores.

VamosSomewhere is an affiliate partner with many of the companies listed in this page, this means that for each purchase you do through this page, we will earn a commission on that purchase at no extra cost for you. This is one of the ways we can keep running this blog and traveling. All of the recommendations we make here are based on our own experience, we only recommend products and services we have already tryed.

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