New Orleans, carpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe videm.

New Orleans is a city of mixture and fusion. It’s a melting pot of cultures that keeps beating every day to the rhythm of the music, diversity, flavors and pedestrian streets that vibrate like life through the veins.

In our mind, we were going to find the streets full of music, with hidden sounds of blues, inspired on the banks of the Mississippi. Indeed, during the daytime, the sun’s rays play with the shadows of colorful balconies and green plants dancing with the wind. There are restaurants that reflect the fusion of cultures in their food and this is what makes this city so special. New Orleans is, in its history, the footprint left by the French, Spanish, English, settlers, Afro-descendants and Creoles over time.

Music is in the air

New Orleans is that kind of places that are living myths, it seems that their souls would speak and tell by their inhabitants its stories of secrets and hidden treasures that nobody has ever found and that are still willing to be found.
Everything there seems mystical: its cobblestone streets where even today they mystery stories are told.

To this natural environment of the city, you have to add its somehow schizophrenic and changing identity. During the day, the cemeteries are one of the main attractions of the city, the cultural representations of its history are reflected in the gray and cold tombs that contrast with the colorful of its flower-filled balconies and the musical encounters of different sound rhythms that fill the corners of the city.

At any time of the day, music is in the air: in every corner, on the sidewalk or in public, you can enjoy jazz, fusion music, swing, or new rhythms.

At night, on the other hand, its streets are the scene of tour guides going through nooks and crannies while they tell you creepy stories of sorcerers, vampires, ghosts, and murderers who have bathed the land of blood; and at dawn, Bourbon Street, which is the main street of the historic center, is the scene of nightlife, live piano bars, music of all genres and drunks, alcohol, prostitution. The human decadence, almost makes you forget what amazed you a few hours before during daylight.

It’s as if New Orleans was two cities: The one of the daylight that you love with the mystical cultural expression in each corner and the one of the night that shakes your skin with its stories of charms, voodoo, the mysticism of ultra tomb or its decadence.

Legend, myths, vampires, and voodoo

The legends narrate that since its creation, New Orleans has been a cursed town. Since the time of its foundation, the ground was a sacred field of natives, the cemetery of ancestors; and the Spaniards and the French, ignored and desecrated the land by building the city on top and burying forever the sacred ancestral legacy.

The New Orleanians in their mysticism, find in this, one of the reasons why this land has been overwhelmed by so many evils throughout its history. The Plague, the Malaria, the Hurricanes, the Tumanis and the Famines have eradicated their population on several occasions.
Their cemeteries, usually full of dead people due to so many calamities, have seen their bodies leave their tombs in floods, dragged by the waters in the streets around the city. Maybe that’s where the fascination for myths and legends of vampires and undead people wander through its streets, haunted hotels, magic, and voodoo.

It has also been the scene of terrifying crimes, stories of tortures as abhorrent as terrifying episodes of a television series or the bloodiest horror film.

Crimes perpetrated by sociopaths who became living legends of the city, such as the butcher Delphine LaLaurie, the case of the murderous twins in series, the ghost of the Old Absinthe House, the story of the women of the orphanage of Casquette Street or the bar to which vampires come to ask for cocktails of real blood. There are many stories and places to be fascinated by myths and legends of ghosts, vampires, and voodoo.

If you want to discover it as it should be, with the look of a local, we recommend you take a tour: for about 20 dollars approximately, you make a route by the hand of an anthropologist who will give you a nutritious talk about the city and will take you to visit the Places with more history and legend.

Do not miss the St Louis Cemetery, Bourbon Street, the mysterious Arnaud bar restaurant where they serve a dinner every night for the whimsical spirit of someone who lived there; the traditional cuisine in the French market, music concerts at Air on any street during the day, the jazz band at the bar fritzelsjazz or just walk down the street leaving you bewitched by its charm.

We leave you with the video of our Youtube channel about the lesson New Orleans left on us and its philosophy Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Videm.

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