Vamossomewhere has arrived to its port: new chapter for Lina & Mauro!

This is how we close this chapter in our lives and we open a new one

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucio

News, news, news! Vamossomewhere arrived at its port.

A new chapter in our lives has arrived for us. After 4 years of comings and goings, a lot of movement since the creation of this travel blog, in which, we set out to provide useful information for travelers And give tools to travel, And we also wanted to inspire people to travel more, we finally decided what we want to do.

While we were consulting and traveling through the United States, we were somehow disconnecting from the journey per se, it was like the lack of deep purpose in that movement, what made us reflect on the meaning of the project itself (the travel blog). In addition to this profound existential transformation that was spreading in us, life was happening while we were working hard to pay our debts, and we were also discovering and learning about this digital entrepreneurship world, a completely new universe for us.

Vamossomewhere arrived to its new destination: Lina & Mauro

The journey always transforms and we were no exception. Little by little we were discovering about the different forms of monetizing digital ventures, we were paying back our debts, we were getting the blog to give us economic fruits while we also learned perhaps the most valuable lessons of this process: the acceptance of change, letting go of the emotional, professional, mental attachments that we had anchored well in the depths of ourselves. Yes, the truth was not all smiles and money. It was difficult to get away from the creative process I had chosen with my (film) career, it was difficult to learn and develop new skills, it was very frustrating many times. It was difficult to receive many “no” when selling our endeavors, but all that was making us stronger and above all, it was showing us the way.

In Vamossomewhere we were talking about travel, what to discover when visiting a place, how to buy cheap tickets, etc. but… Actually, we didn’t want to talk about that. We also didn’t want to talk about monetizing a blog. We wanted to talk about what happens inside when we travel, about the transformation that occurs when we dig inside ourselves and we connect with our purpose. We discovered that we wanted to TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE, but how is that ?

New chapter for Lina & Mauro

Without having much idea, we began to look for ways of volunteering, so the journey ceased to be so shallow and we started having a deeper sense of purpose. And suddenly everything started to make more sense. It was not the trip we were looking for, it was knowing that we were leaving a mark. In the meantime, we kept studying, learning, changing, transforming everything; we changed jobs many times, one day we were backpackers and translators, another cat and dog keepers, another, we were builders, another language teachers, another bloggers, then we landed in a company that hired us as communicators and soon we became managers of a very important project for the telecommunications industry of Central America and the Caribbean. Uff!!! The laps we have taken.

We continued with Vamossomewhere, pulling forward, drifting, simply navigating without even knowing where we were going, but we kept pushing forward. In the midst of doubts and questions, especially the motivation for continuing with the blog, we trained and certified as life, executives and teams coaches. We put this knowledge into practice and decided to retake the helm of our lives. Then we saw it clearly, as a captain who after a long time sailing on the the ocean sees land. That was how Vamossomewhere, that drifting ship, arrived at its port.

Being digital nomads has been a great challenge, it has been to discover that you can live in a different way, that you can undertake connected with your dreams, that you need to learn continuously, but above all: DO to achieve Goals.

This personal traveling project was like a chapter in our learning of entrepreneurship and digital lifestyle. During these 4 years we managed to pay all our debts ($ 90k USD) thanks to the possibilities of freedom to be and work from anywhere. It has been 4 wonderful years of entrepreneurship. That is why today we are super excited to tell you that from now on, Vamossomewhere will change its name. Now, we will simply be: Empower for Change a digital platform for human empowerment and creative communication solutions for people and companies. 

Lina & Mauro new chapter

A new chapter in our lives: Lina & Mauro

As you know, we love to find the incredible lessons travel have to give; experiences, people, places. Well, this is our new reason for being. Lina & Mauro summarizes what we are and guides our life purpose: helping people discover their full potential, aligning with their life purpose and developing an entrepreneurial mindset that will lead them to live a happier life, reaching goals and with greater fulfillment.

Obviously, we will continue traveling, in fact the biggest journey we have ever taken is coming:

#Expedicion Empower, a journey through Africa and Southeast Asia in which we will find, discover and make visible causes led by people who build humanity and planet, i.e, wonderful human beings that inspire us with specific actions to improve, because they are connected with their purpose and have managed to get ahead with their endeavors and projects, developing their human potential for a greater good than their own.

This new chapter is our new mission: to find all those people who want to develop their full potential, who want to reconnect with their dreams and their life purposes, who want to live an unlimited life, who want to make, build, who yearn for a change for them and for humanity and who are ready to undertake that path of self-discovery and transformation.

Do you feel that your soul is longing for a change? Write change in the comments below and stay connected, we will continue telling you more about this new path in social networks.

Thank you for joining us, for following us, for motivating us to keep moving forward, Lina & Mauro