Here are 5 reasons why everybody needs a bit of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the kind of “dream place” for a lot of people. Alcohol, sex, drugs, and rock&roll. Well, we had the chance to live in Las Vegas for three months and we can tell you that after you pass the hectic freneticism of the Sin City, you start to realize that this is definitely a unique experience for all of your senses. Here, we will share what we experienced through our senses in Las Vegas, so you can feel, smell or taste of this parallel universe in the middle of the desert in Nevada.

This is Las Vegas for all your senses

1. Las Vegas it’s an experience for the sense of your sight

From the very moment you arrive, either by car, either by plane, the views are unimagined with the powerful lights of the city that shine with nothing else around it. It is quite impressive because it is really full of bright colors and the skyscrapers are huge, what makes you feel like a kid at the State Fairgrounds. Then, walking by the Strip (the main avenue) you will be amazed by the fancy hotels, representing New York, Egypt, Paris, the Antique Rome, Venice or the water show every evening at Bellagio that will increase that “wow” feeling.

2. Las Vegas it’s an experience for the sense of your touch

People go to Las Vegas for having an unforgettable weekend but in a very human way. This is the “Sin City baby!” so people go to get drunk until they don’t remember even their name, they want to live life in extreme conditions. There is a lot of drugs, gambling, and of course… sex. We feel this is the real sex and the city. People in Las Vegas have sex everywhere, with anybody, anytime. The fancy hotels invite you to outreach your fantasies and there are many strip clubs for boys and girls. People can walk almost naked in the streets and is ready to just go for it. You can get married to a person you’ve just met in seconds. In fact, is one of the typical “crazy things to do”. And then, after the weekend is over, everything goes back to reality, and who cares! At the end What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

3. Las Vegas it’s an experience for your sense of smell

This one, may not be the best memory I have of Las Vegas. In fact, I remember the smell of alcohol, the smell of drunk people in the streets, in the hotels, like, the kind of decadence I reject in humankind. Also, the smell of cigarettes in each casino, and again the smell of drunk person passing by next to you. That was kind of overwhelming.

Then, if I try to connect my memories about the good smells, I remember also the smell of each hotel-casino. Each one of them has its own particular perfume, the fragrance of a fancy environment, completely locked, where you forget about time and you get distracted either by crazy people, great cuisine in good restaurants, or fancy stores.

4. Las Vegas it’s an experience for your mouth.

This is one of the most spectacular aspects of Las Vegas. It is really a scenario for the bonne cuisine at an international level. Each hotel will have a great chef onboard. Be ready to indulge yourself trying any kind of delicatessen, great dishes, desserts, ice cream. You wish it, you’ll find it!

5. Las Vegas it’s an experience for your sense of hearing

A Cirque du Soleil Show like Love, or The Rêve, a Madonna concert, the Michael Jackson’s This is it show, or Britney Spears (not a fan of this one, but…) You can find the kind of show you are attracted to, what is guaranteed is that is gonna be amazing for sure. We are more a Cirque du Soleil Show kind of people, so we went to three of their shows. We also went to see The rêve, which is from another company. Oh, my god! You cannot imagine what these shows are until you see them.  This is a 360-degree experience. You will not only have a great musical experience, in this case with The Beatles’ best songs, for our favorite show (LOVE) but also, you will be completely immersed in a parallel universe. It’s something you will feel everywhere in your body. I felt I was in a dream, where anything I could imagine was just about to happen.

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