Here I am, once again, in front of the blank sheet. Sweeping ideas and sketching phrases to convey things, thinking about the time when I was dreaming about becoming a long-term traveler and blogger. Much has passed during this long silence. We have been working on the shadows, debugging to find the meaning of this project and for other people like you to find it as well. But this writing on the blog is for me like those relationships that, despite on the chemistry you don’t share that much.

This is the kind of relationship I have right now with the blog. Each experience inspires me and motivates me to want to tell you everything, but although I think a lot and I flirt at times, (with the blog) and although I want to get to work and tell you everything that has happened to the full, and share all the new ways of traveling we have found, I think about what I have pending and I stop without having started. That’s how I’ve been through this silence. I have written plenty posts and not publish anyone. I’ve been gesturing ideas, reading, and especially experiencing, living. To have a blog requires will, discipline and perseverance. And I do not have much of any of the three, but if something characterizes me is that I’m stubborn (very stubborn) and I’m not leaving things in half. So here I am again, with the will to make create again the momentum, with much to share and the more clear ideas in my head to write to you again.

Among the many things that have happened since the last time I published something, after traveling a bit through Colombia, we went to Panama with the idea of going through Central America by land to Mexico and we even ended up embarking on a 26 meters long sailboat, with a crew of 11 from different nationalities, to live a story in the best style of a reality show. The idea was to sail the Caribbean Sea. We sailed much less than expected, we lost part of the crew in each port (it was like the face-to-face moment with the eliminated of the night) and after being blocked on the paradisiac San Andres island, we returned to the United States without having planned it. We had then, the firm intention of visiting Hawaii and taking a cruise, stuffs we did not do either, and again we discovered that, in life, things are as they feel like to be. It’s that simple.

WANDERLUST woman with arms wide open vamossomewhere

John Lennon wisely said that life is that what happens while you are too busy making other plans. If there is something we have learned these last months is that there is a time for each thing and that time is not only your decision.

Mau and I have been together for almost a decade and our relationship has been built around the journey, the movement, and the transformation that all this entails. Definitely, that transformation makes you grow in the way you approach life, the decisions you make and the way you face the unexpected, which do not always arrive the way we want. So, from thinking we would be like pirates conquering the Caribbean, we finally ended up in pause for a few months, rediscovering, rebuilding, connecting and learning to flow in different rhythms… By the way, during this time we have learned to dance tango (a dream I had on the drawer sin very long- checked-).

This last period has been a source of deep growth that has led us to make decisions. We decided, for example, that we want to dedicate ourselves to strengthening our freedom and our passions (writing, photography, music, social work, realization …) and that everything we do should bring us well-being, which for us is the essence of love, that is why I wanted so much to be a long-term traveler and blogger, to do what I love: to travel and to tell stories.

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These months we were cleaning this project, turning the rope to unravel it and being able to provide you, dear reader, ideas so that you can travel more, for you to connect with traveling as a therapy, as a way of finding yourself in your guts, and a way for leaving that boring “comfort zone”. These months invited us to change the way we travel. If we learned anything on that sailboat was to experience the wait, the patience and to embrace change. Our destiny changed sometimes by the current, sometimes by the wind, by the captain or even by a crew member that was suddenly “eliminated from the show”.

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Returning to the United States, made us connect again with the essence of the blog and consolidate new projects. How often do you stop to think about what you love and what you really enjoy doing? And more importantly, are you doing it right now? Our goal was to be able to do what we love, not in our free time but full time and being digital nomads is no longer a plan but a reality. This has forced us to learn to change the way we move and to learn to dance with that movement.

We want to make music, social work and travel with purpose on top of satisfying that strong desire to explore the world. We will continue traveling, but we want to do pasito a pasito, suave suavecito… you know the rest, right? Yes, we continue with the backpack on the shoulder, but now we not only carry our home, as we did through South America, now we also carry our office.

So here I am, telling you that the journey continues. We have a new website, and it has been beautiful to get lost, to find oneself again. I can say now I am a long-term traveler and blogger. We keep the feeling of the Wanderlust and we are ready again: the road awaits us. But more importantly, we decided that our freedom is not negotiable. What about yours?

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