We have been traveling non-stop for the past two years, we have booked tickets for the United States, Spain, France, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Panamá and we’ll be booking very soon for Asia, sure that we will find the best rates for buying cheap flight tickets and been able to keep traveling. How do we do it? This is what this post is about: how to save money and get the best rates when buying cheap flight tickets with probably the best search engine that exists currently.

What you are about to read could help you save hundreds of dollars on your next flight when finding the cheapest flights to everywhere in the world. So get ready and start to list up those destinations you have always wanted to visit, or simply, prepare your next trip, because we’re going to give you awesome tips and hacks for you to start saving money and start traveling more right now.

These are some awesome tricks that will help you to learn how to search cheap flights from now on and save money.

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Travel not to escape from life, travel so that life does not escape you.

You have probably heard or even used Skyscanner. It is a search engine that we also check frequently, but in 95% of the time our super search engine beats Skyscanner. If you are continuously traveling and booking tickets, we invite you to meet probably the best search engine that exists and still remains in the shadows, almost unknown.

Without further to add, we give you: Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com is for us, simply the best search engine for finding the cheapest flights and we will give you the key info to get the most out of it. We can say that 95% of the time, Kiwi.com has beaten any other search engine including Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, etc. (If you want to know about an unbeatable private search engine, at the end of this post you will find a link to the private one that we use).

How to find the best tickets with KIWI.com

Every process has its science, and finding the best ticket is no different. We suggest following the next steps to boost your searches and start saving money for your upcoming flights. Are you ready?

1. Book in advance and Be flexible with your travel dates.

This is the number one rule if you want to really save money when looking for cheap flights. You have to search and buy in advance (minimum 3 months prior your trip, and if you can go earlier, even better). Also on numerous occasions, when you check the prices for the days after or before your specific date you can find considerable discounts. That is why is so useful to see the kiwi.com calendar with the prices for the whole month so that if you can, you pick the best price. Even if you have selected specific dates, the search engine will show you the rest of the days in the month with cheaper options. Try to keep your dates written in the sand (not in the rocks) so that you can move them and save extra money when choosing your dates.

buy cheap flight tickets- be flexible

2. Check nearby airports or cities.

This is another useful idea: two airports that are only half an hour away from each other can handle very different prices, such as Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, for example. A ticket can have a price difference of 50% sometimes from one to another. Kiwi.com allows you to search by cities with nearby airports, by country and even by selected radio. Also, the search engine has a map that, once you have entered your home city, it allows you to see prices wherever you direct the cursor. If you do not have a fixed place of arrival, prepare yourself, because you can find new unexpected and cheap routes to add to your trip. So, always that you can, check nearby airports.

buy cheap flight tickets- be flexible- nearby airport

3. Use the search filters.

If you are looking for saving money on tickets, it is important that you validate the flights and layovers duration among other things. So if you don’t like a particular airline (for previous bad experiences for example) you can check to avoid results with that airline. Filters allow you to select just a few airlines, the kind of flight you are interested in (direct flights only, for example, the duration, the airports, among others). Once you have selected the origin and destination, Kiwi.com automatically selects the cheapest flight, the shortest flight and the recommended one. The system analyzes the results to give you everything as easier as possible so that you have to simply choose the best option for you.

ilters buy cheap flight tickets- be flexible- nearby airport

4. Create a price alert.

If you have a specific budget for your tickets and you do not have much time to search, you can place a price alert for your chosen destination. In this way, Kiwi.com will inform you, via email, when they have found an option that is below your selected maximum. Is like a personal assistant for you to find the best price! What else can you ask for?

5. Check the baggage policies.

This is one of the main things you should do when searching for inexpensive tickets, and not only with kiwi.com, but with any other search engine. The most common situation is that the tickets you’ll find do not include baggage (perhaps only one personal item) so always confirm if baggage is included or not. In most countries, the cost of the checked bag is between $25-30 dollars.

We know that Kiwi can increase the price of luggage at the time of purchase, so if the price kiwi.com is showing is higher than the regular price, book the flight with kiwi.com without luggage (you will still get the best rate for the flight).

baggage buy cheap flight tickets- be flexible- nearby airport

You will receive from kiwi.com the booking confirmation to your email, once you get it, you can buy the baggage directly with the airline you are traveling. In the booking confirmation, you will get kiwi’s reservation code (useful to handle any situation directly with kiwi.com) and you will also get the airline reservation code (useful for any special situation, you need to arrange directly with the airline). Kiwi’s code will always be in teal color, while the airline code will be in regular text, not highlighted. See the example below for a previous reservation we made.

kiwi booking code buy cheap flight tickets- be flexible- nearby airport

We have had only good experiences with Kiwi.com and that is why we highly recommend it to you.

Nevertheless, although with the internet options buying flight tickets has become an easier task, and now we get constant access to low rates, one of the ways airline companies compensate their low prices is by charging for the weight (baggage fees) and with strict non-refundable or no exchange policies. So, make sure to check always all the data information is correct: check dates, spelling of the name, passport information, etc., before proceeding to check out. 

Remember to save this link to your bookmarks so you have it at hand whenever you need it. Every time you use it, besides the fact of saving money, you will help us to continue this journey!

Have you tried Kiwi.com before? Share your experiences and of course, if you know a better search engine, share with us in the comments below.

This post has affiliate links, that means that if you buy a ticket from those links we will get a small commission at no extra cost for you. That will help us to travel more and we are infinitely grateful for your help in advance. We truly love Kiwi and we only recommend services and things we use and we like.

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