It’s been 2 years already since we decided we wanted to live traveling. We did not know we would have seen almost the entire America continent by now. I don’t know how many miles we have traveled so far, many. As much as the friends we have found. So many climates, landscapes, cultures. Mountains, beaches, deserts, little towns, big towns, nature, flavors, senses… but mostly, nice people, helpful people, cheerful people everywhere. Here is what we will share with you from now on: our journey for the past 2 years in North America and Central America and our journey back in time in South America.

These are the travel chronicles of America, the garden of the world.

I am currently writing from Montreal in Canada. Little would I have known about ending up here! As Mau and I always do things in the least expected way with that reckless spirit that characterizes us, we ended up moving in the middle of winter to Montreal, when the thermometer marks -20 Celcius.

The truth and as almost always, one ends up oversizing things. It has not been so terrible. But what exactly brought us to these lands? The desire to travel the world in a freer way with fewer requirements than those normally asked to us just because we are Colombians (the Pablo Escobar story everybody knows, blablabla…)

Anyway, we are going to take advantage of this pause time here in Montreal to take you in an orderly way to the journey we have made in the past two years and even back in time, ten years ago, when all this started in South America.

But we will start up in the north, at the very top of the continent, where the blog started, where the salmon showed us how to swim against the current and the unpredictable time taught us to wait, from where we are now: up in the north, surrounded by snow and magical landscapes.

From Alaska, passing by over 24 out of the 52 states of the United States we will cross this huge country exploring mainly the natural parks, sharing all the lessons learned in this trip. After finishing with the United States, we will go to Colombia, because that is our country and we want you to learn about us throughout our culture, our passion, and our diversity as a nation.

Did you know that when we left Colombia again, we embarked ourselves on a 76 feet long yacht to sail the Caribbean sea? Well, we did it from Panamanian waters and we ended up in the little piece of Colombian paradise in the middle of the Caribbean sea: San Andrés Island. (This is such an incredible story that we are already writing a book about it).

And how the heck did we end up after in Cuba?

Well, remember the Caribbean pirates? That was the dream idea, but so much more passed in that time that in one line I could tell you too little.

After Cuba, we will rediscover Central America together, From the Peninsula of Yucatán in Mexico, passing by Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Panamá and head back to Colombia, where it all started.

You will go with you back in time with us, to our 2008 journey, when we started our love story, our first blog, which is actually a travel blog written with my own hands in paper and tells the whole journey we made to the south.

Finally, and to close with our American continent, we will tell you more about our recent experience in Canada and about how we got here, the whole process to start our new life as permanent residents in a country we have never visited before and that we love so far.

Come with us, join us on this journey full of enriching experiences, flavors, emotions, sensations, and magic. Note that from time to time, we’ll share with you special episodes of the places where we are, either here in Canada either somewhere else as this year VamosSomewhere is going to Europe and Southeast Asia!

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