Wandering in the last frontier

The single word “Alaska” refers us to the adventure, to an imaginary universe of polar bears, Eskimos and Northern Lights.

Without a doubt, Alaska, the last frontier, is way more than all you can imagine and will leave you breathless.

We had never seen a landscape like this: ridges of immaculate eternal white, blue glaciers, picture postcard forests with snowflakes resting passively on the branches, decorating a Christmas fairytale scene and scent of a thick hot chocolate.

I felt like Christopher McCandless, in his adventure through this place, amazed by the wild and unexplored magic that this territory still enjoys.

I had the feeling that I was listening to music, as if nature was giving me a symphony written on staves; conifers of different shades of green and yellow, painted on a white canvas of perpetual snow.

alaska the last frontieralaska the last frontier

Silences of majestic, immense and peaceful lakes;

rivers full of salmon that mutated their color from silver to red, as a musical tension, battling against the current to reach the same place where they were born to close their life cycle.

All of Alaska was an invitation to enjoy that subtle symphony: it was an invitation to reflection, to introspection. Each new landscape seemed insurmountable, until the moment I found myself facing a glacier.

That was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life.

alaska: the last frontier

Simply nothing of what I write here can represent even a part of what that encounter aroused in me. I felt like on a planet that any science fiction movie wanted to record. My eyes, accustomed to landscapes with trees, mountains, and rivers, could not discern that opal blue immensity. Of the silent symphony of which I spoke before, there was nothing left but the noise of the final silence, like the harmonics that remain suspended after a musical work.

A glacier awakens in you a sense of strangeness, of distance with reality. You hear the running of the water in your footsteps, as if it was the blood the planet’s blood, as if you managed to connect with its entrails. You feel small, very small in that opal environment and you put yourself in perspective with reality, you dimension yourself. I felt that when I touched the ice, I had touched the deepest part of the earth, I felt its heartbeat be connected to mine.

alaska the last frontier

Feeling the planet in Alaska

Both, the Matanuska Glacier and the Holgate Glacier, which gave us the spectacle of seeing the huge blocks of ice falling on the water, left us with that sense of perspective, respect, and discernment.

Block of Ice falling

What else can I tell you about Alaska? Whatever the way you explore it, by car, ferry or on foot, it will leave you stunned by the immensity of a glacier, before the majesty and exuberance of its nature, before the possibility of crossing with grizzly bears, wolves , or to see a few meters from a boat, humpback whales, dolphins, orcas, sea lions, seals or eagles in their natural and real state of freedom …

Alaska will leave you, like us, breathless at every step, will teach you to listen to the symphony of silence.

I want to stay with this sensation, that one that surely you experience at this moment and that I hope will impel you, one day, to visit the last frontier.


Glaciers and wildlife:
Matanuska is only 2 hours by car from Anchorage and you have many other small glaciers that you can see from the road.
If you want everything in one package, you must take the Seward cruise: you will visit the Holgate glacier and see everything the Arctic Ocean has to offer.
Seward is 2h20 minutes from Anchorage and the Ferry tour takes 4 hours. Find out more here

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is 1 hour from Anchorage. It is a phenomenal place, where they really protect the animals, reinsert them if possible and, if not, allow them to live in conditions as close as possible to the real ones. You can see Grizzly bears, black bears, bison, moose, urchins … and above all, educate yourself about them.

What car to rent in Alaska:
You should consider the season of the year in which you travel. Since the end of autumn, sudden changes in weather can be a threat to your safety, which is why we strongly recommend a 4×4.
If you go in summer, a simple one will be perfect.  Remember to keep your FULL gas tank, the distances here are very vast and there are no gas stations many kilometers away.

Aurora borealis/ Northern Lights:
The Auroras are only seen in some seasons of the year, so we decided to write a full post about our experience. Read it here

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