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About Us

We want to help millions of people to travel more. In the blog, you will find resources, useful and inspiring information to get out of the wheel and connect with your passions through traveling while releasing the fear of change. In this page, you will find a lot about us!

How did all this started?

Hello, we are Lina Tangarife and Mauro Trujillo. We are communicators, video producers, photographers, musicians, and bloggers, among other things you’ll find here. We are Colombians, we are in our 30’s and we are dedicated to travel on a part-time basis and to work in the free time (that’s pretentious ☺). No, we actually work to travel and we constantly seek ways to make our traveling and nomadic life possible. We could define ourselves as digital nomads – sometimes yes and sometimes not – it’s hard for us to wear a label.

What else about us? Before being a traveling couple, we were a couple of nonconformist dreamers, like many, maybe like you.

From a very young age I (Lina) left Colombia and in one trip back home in 2008, I met Mau, not my other half, my complete half.

It was ”Love at First Trip”: a month after meeting each other we decided to venture and travel South America together. ”In search of our roots”, we actually went looking for ourselves but we understood that later. We toured 7 countries, loved the trip and while hunting sunsets, we fell in love. Between that trip and 2015, we lived in Europe and went back to Colombia, where, back into reality, we started “building a normal life”, the one full of routine, stress, never-ending debts, and crisis: we were trapped in the wheel. We felt life was too big for us.

In 2015, we made the decision to stop and change that reality. We decided to go traveling for six months in the United States. That trip changed our lives. We decided that we wanted to continue living like this: traveling. In 2016 we sold it all (literally) and started a journey again with Vamos Somewhere, our personal travel blog and our first endeavor as digital nomads. And here we are!

Want to know about us?

How do we define ourselves? This is who we are: uncomplicated, in love with love, life, and nature. We are story-tellers, we love to laugh out loud. We believe in humanity and we love to help people and to leave a positive mark on this planet.

Lina Maria Tangarife Caicedo- vamossomewhere

Lina M. Tangarife

I am a dreamer, adventurer, tireless entrepreneur, idealistic. I love to sing, dance, write, take pictures, meditate, hunt dreams, help people and laugh out loud (especially with Mauro). All these are my passions, I am also a professional audiovisual producer, Life Coach (currently studying), Reiki Master, Theta healer, yoga lover, animal communicator… All this simply reflects my infinite curiosity and desire for ”Knowing more” and explore the inner mystery and magic of life. I believe that love is the main life force. I am (almost always) writing and taking pictures in this blog.

mauricio trujillo peña- vamossomewhere

Mauro Trujillo

I believe that love is the only real force of change to transform the world and make it a better place. I am a musician, a creative communicator and project manager by profession. Also a conflict solver, I love to laugh and to make people laugh. I love to dance, to make music with everything that can make a sound (literally), love to cook, to eat (preferably slow food and desserts) and to do sport intensely to be able to continue eating and hunting sunsets. Currently getting my Life Coach, NLP emphasis certification. I am (usually) the video editor for the blog.

About us & Vamos Somewhere

Vamos Somewhere was born in late 2015 as a blog to share our experiences with useful tips and resources for you. It is our personal portal of passions and is a blog where we share our travel experiences, focusing on finding the well-being and purpose in each step of the path. We identify ourselves with freedom, love, and adventure.

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