This peculiar lagoon of 42 kilometers long and 4 wide, located at the edge of the Caribbean Sea is known as the 7 colors Lagoon.

Would you believe me if I told you that there is a place in the world of white sand and turquoise blue waters like the best postal card, but instead of being on salty waters, you will be swimming on fresh water like a pure spring?

It is true! It is nothing more and nothing less than the Bacalar lagoon or the 7 colors Lagoon in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

This peculiar lagoon of 42 kilometers long and 4 wide, located at the edge of the Caribbean Sea (below the famous Mayan Riviera very close to the Guatemalan border) is known as the 7 colors Lagoon. The name is due to the different shades of blue waters that can be appreciated thanks to the different depths of it.

When you visit it, you will have the sensation of being in front of the Caribbean Sea in its greatest splendor, and when swimming in it will not stop making you hallucinate because of feeling the fresh water in your skin and being able to enjoy this wonder without the taste of the sea water.

Due to the different levels of depth, it is common to see people walking with water at their waist many meters away from the shore. It is such an amazing landscape that you do not believe it. I even tried the water to check that it really was fresh water, because being so close to the sea, I thought it could be saline water diluted by the presence of rivers. In fact, the formation of this is because within the lagoon there are three enormous underwater cenotes that overflowed its waters and that formed this unique lagoon in the world.

The white sand owes its color to the calcareous soil and for that reason the waters are appreciated as turquoise and crystalline as those of the Caribbean Sea in any postcard.

What to do to get the most out of the Bacalar Lagoon?

  1. Visit the town of Bacalar

The lagoon served as a hiding place for the Spaniards who defended themselves against the pirates. In fact, even the Pirate Morgan sailed its waters and fought with the Spaniards, so they built the fort of San Felipe, nowadays a tourist attraction from where the lagoon is spotted and the wonderful 7 colors of the waters are appreciated on sunny days. The town is a quiet place, it keeps the calm of the free places of the hordes of tourists, in fact, many go unnoticed by Mexico to Belize or Guatemala and they do not even know about this extraordinary place.

  1. Visit the San Felipe Castle.

We only covered it on the outside, because it was raining quite a lot at that time and just when we arrived it was very sunny, so we wanted to take advantage of the sun on the water and not be enclosed by visiting a castle.

  1. Do a day of kayaking

There are many places where you can rent kayaks, but they charge you for hours, what becomes easily expensive. There is a great hostel, Casa La China Bacalar that lends them to you within the stay rate, so we thought it was a great offer and we spent the night there. Besides having unlimited time to use their kayaks, it is a beautiful place, like a terrace that resembles a bend of love and peace. Additionally, it has one of the best views over the lagoon, which allows you to have quick and easy access to all water activities and best of all: it has its own dock.

  1. Picnic on any of the islands in the lagoon

Having your own dock and having the possibility of using the kayaks you can take your food with beer or wine and go to picnic to any of the nearby islands in the middle of the lagoon. It is something completely different and fun. It will be challenging for your arms, but it is worthwhile to enjoy such a special landscape in a different way and not from the shore.

  1. Sailboat ride to see the sunset

Perhaps one of the best plans to visit the Bacalar Lagoon is this: take a trip on a sailboat to see the sunset from the water. Not only do they offer snacks and refreshments, so you will not go hungry, but you will enjoy watching the sky explode in every conceivable tonalities of the last rays of the sun in front of you. I cannot say that it is the most beautiful sunset because I have seen too much beauty made dawn and I do not have a favorite one, but I can tell you that this is perhaps the sunset with the most colors that I have ever enjoyed.

  1. Take a picture on a swing over the water

How many times do we not enjoy seeing those photos of swings on the water in paradisiac places? Well, here in Bacalar there are several places where you can enjoy places and take your photos while you enjoy. One of the places with a very nice construction of swings on the water is in the Aluxes. It is a restaurant with good food and you can enjoy the view or the swings.

There are also the swings of Los cocalitos “the Santuario de los estromatolitos”. To be able to enjoy, you must pay a pass-day and you can eat (it is quite economical) there. Plus, there are camping sites at a very low rate at night. This is the option for backpackers that do camping, in addition to having a beautiful and direct view over the lagoon.

  1. Swim between stromatolites

Stromatolites are formations of living rocks and considered one of the oldest types of life on planet earth. Not only will you be able to see unique formations on planet earth and they exist in very few places (there are other very famous ones in Australia), but it makes the view of the lagoon even more impressive than it already is. Try to take care of them (do not step on them to take photos) and do not touch them as much as possible.

We leave you our YouTube video with a very beautiful lesson that left us the Laguna de Bacalar.

Did I forget some place that fascinated you about the Bacalar lagoon and that I did not mention in this article?

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We hope you enjoy as much as we do of this amazing place in Mexico.