Literally, as it was taken from a movie, the spectacular Mayan temples protected by the exuberant rainforest are a magical scenario that will leave you perplexed… welcome to Tikal.

Enigmatic, little exploited, conserved as a pearl that time and nature have managed to preserve, the splendor of the exquisite classical Mayan architecture can be admired here. The sound of howler monkeys and spider monkeys and hundreds of birds singing welcome you to discover the heart of the Mayan empire in Tikal.

It is no coincidence that the Star Wars saga has decided to take this incredible place as a film set for Star Wars: Episode IV, in 1977, in which Tikal is the base of Yanin IV. But let’s stop talking about movies, because Tikal is a real-life scenario and accessible to all who want to discover the splendor of the Mayan heart.

It is located in Petén, in the ​​northern area of Guatemala, and can be accessed from Flores, from where there are many excursions to visit the largest and most important natural and cultural reserve in Guatemala.

Two possible tours are offered: sunrise and sunset. I understand that both are spectacular. We opted to visit the temples at dawn, because it seemed spectacular to be able to witness the awakening of the jungle and all the life that lives in it. We feel that it has been a special and enriching experience, one that you do not experience every day and from which you have sharp fragments in your memory for many years.

Going on your own is not recommended as it is a jungle park and it can be very easy to get lost, so we invite you to contact local agencies. We chose Balam Adventours, and we were very satisfied with their services.

The most impressive thing of all is to climb one of the Mayan temples from where you will literally see the sun rising over the jungle. It is from there exactly, where the scene of Star Wars was filmed and is that it is amazing. To the spectacle that your eyes contemplate, add what your ears are beginning to hear, when packs of howler monkeys and spider monkeys begin to scream when they wake up with the birds.

Here are four key facts to keep in mind:

  1. Flores de Petén is a beautiful place, so take the opportunity to make trips in the lake, visit the town, you will get a good surprise.
  2. Buy your tickets at the Agency early and go to the Bank.
  3. You must go to the Bank Rural (Banco Banrural) to pay your entrance to the park since the government is who charges that. Without it, you will NOT be able to enter the park and you will lose the tour or at least the entrance with the group and the sunrise. This is key because people believe they can pay at the entrance and it is NOT possible. The tour starts at 3:00am in the morning and when you arrive at the park, it is still night, so if you do not have your ticket they will not let you in (we saw it with some of our group).
  4. Wear suitable shoes for swampy terrain, since Tikal is found in the humid tropical forest, it usually rains a lot, so it is possible that there are swamps. Likewise, remember a sweater (or raincoat) and a lot of natural anti-mosquito repellent.

Here we leave you the video of our passage through Tikal and the photos to delight you and make you want to discover this authentic place so full of history, memory and strength.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy your visit to Tikal!

Agency information on the link below:

Balam adventours sold us the entrance to Tikal and we find it a good agency. We are not making advertising of any kind, all of our recommendations are based on our own experiences.