Here are 11 awesome places you cannot miss when visiting San Francisco

Either because we grew up watching “Full house” an old Tv show, or the movie the Rock (yes, Alcatraz is located here) or simply because the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the emblematic symbols of the United States, as well as the Statue of Liberty, we always dreamed about visiting San Fransisco.

Getting there was very gratifying. The city is different, fresh, dynamic, modern and classic, with plenty parks, green wherever you look at and mostly “hippy-ster”.

Yes, is the perfect blend of the bohemian hippie-hipster look of the XX century and the modernism of the century XXI. Besides of being an exemplary equal city, it has a huge “green” move, is like the personification of an organic city; there are organic markets all around, sustainable restaurant and coffee bars, big city gardens.

You feel in a different U.S, more equal, more responsible, more conscious about its place in the world. In fact, the state politics have forbidden the entrance of big surfaces that do not follow the environmental rules that people defend.

Furthermore, from 2016 San Francisco has been declared a plastic-free city. Sounds ideal, right? Yes, full of magical corners and absolutely gorgeous, undoubtedly San Francisco has conquered our city hearts.

Although is a very expensive city, they say is the most expensive in the country, we still enjoyed it on a budget or with free activities.

1.Golden Gate Bridge

Built at the beginning of the XX century, is the image of the city, due to its art-deco style. You can easily take a picture from the Ghirardelli square, from the Presidio or from the fisherman’s town on the other side of the bridge, Sausalito.

2.The Painted Ladies in Alamo Square

A series of many houses with a very well conserved victorian architecture, colorful, they have been set of many tv shows and movies because they are very photogenic.

3. Haight-Ashbury

The Hippie neighborhood to know the spirit of the city, with music, life, marketplaces, bicycles. Janice Joplin used to play in any corner of this neighborhood.

Painted Ladies
Haight Ashbury San Francisco

4. The Cable car ride

This beautiful and particular car, tramway style came to town in 1847 to replace the horses pulling the cars. Due to its very high cost of maintenance, they were very close to disappear but they were declared national patrimony in 1964. You can take the line that goes all the way down to Fisherman’s Wharf and then walk from there.

things to do in San Francisco- city cable Vamossomewhere

5.Fisherman’s Wharf

Where the first dock of the city was built, it’s today one of the obligated places to visit in San Francisco. You can enjoy the sea breeze, a nice walk on the docks full of restaurants. You can find the aquarium, the dock 39, packed with sea lions all over. There is a lot of cultural activity.

6.Lombards Street

Simply a street made in zig-zag. What makes it special is the flower gardens they have placed on the way. It’s very colorful and striking by day.  If you get there by night, you won’t see the magic. (Believe us). On the picture, the show goes for the golden city. 

Painted Ladies
Haight Ashbury San Francisco

7.The Palace of Fine Arts

Built-in 1915 for the exposition Pacifico-Panamá, it is located on the Marine district. Is other of the iconic places of the city. Is very nice to walk through and all over and then get to the bay.

things to do in San Francisco- palace of fine arts- Vamossomewhere10
Painted Ladies
Haight Ashbury San Francisco


Is a fisherman’s town, on the other side of the bridge, from where you will have a splendid view of the city and the bridge. Beside it, it has a bay full of nice restaurant and sailing boats. It’s a perfect place for a picnic with the sea and the seagulls nearby you.

9. Sonoma and Napa Valley

If you like wine, at only 45 miles (1 hour away) you will find Sonoma and Napa Valley, two wine towns where you can enjoy a wine tasting in any castle around. The landscape is beautiful and the wine is just delicious!

10.Point Reyes

Outside, to the north, you will reach Point Reyes, a coastal town with extensive beaches, cliffs, plains, and hills with a very big biodiversity.  They say it’s one of the spots with a higher amount of white sharks on the planet. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

11.The 17-Mile Drive

To the south, around 2 hours and a half away by car, you will find the famous 17-mile drive of Pacific Groove. It’s a road of 17 miles crossing little emblematic towns like Carmel by the sea, Monterrey, house of many artists on the 60’s, today, resting place for the jet set.  There are many cliffs and sea lions all over.

We did not visit the jail, Alcatraz, just because we didn’t feel like it, but there you have another option.

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